South America

An Arpillera From Chile: Includes brief information about how they came into existence

Alex Lomonaco : Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, at Midnight – Medium: Pure cotton, dyed cotton strings on linen

Arpilleras: This is a commercial site that sells arpilleras dealing with non-controversial subjects. Many images, clickable several times for close up views.

Arpilleras: Site is written in German (?), but there are two images of arpilleras.

Burial Mantle – Peru: Circa 300 b.c. – 300 a.d.

Guatemalan Textiles: What is Jaspe and How Is It Made?: Excellent article published originally in Guatemala Weekly, June 14-20, 1997.

Kuna Molas & Molitas of San Blas, Panama: Wonderful pictures of the incredible collection of Molas owned by Michael W. Swenty. Available for purchase

La historia de la arpilleras: The history of arpilleras, written in Spanish. There is a picture of an example of an arpilleras designed as a protest.

Magic Feathers – Textile Art from Ancient Peru: This is a book by James Reid. This site gives in-depth information about this 1999 publication as well images which are clickable for more extensive information and close-up views.

Maya Adventure: The Textile Arts of Chiapas Maya: Site gives overview and eight examples of the sacred designs that are used.

Mayan Women Quilting – Picture. Patchwork quilting is a traditional Mayan craft involving a group of village women working cooperatively.

Mayan Textiles of Lake Atitlan: Short article by Margo Blumschevill

Mola Collection: By Vera Fitzsimmons. Available for purchase.

Mola Collection of Bob & Elizabeth Gibson : This traditional Panamanian applique technique is described here.

Priscilla Bianchi : Priscilla is a Guatemalan quilt artist who draws upon the richness of her cultural heritage and the vibrancy of Guatemalan hand-woven textiles.

Threads of Hope: Review of a 1997 exhibit of arpilleras’ at Case Western Reserve University. Good information. Picture included.

Threads of Hope: Information about a 50-minute award-winning documentary about how arpilleras’ were used by Chilean women to protest the dictatorship of Pinochet.

Tribal Arts Magazine, Summer 1997, �Textiles and Carpets of Tribal Morocco� and �Lessons in Ancient Yarn: Ancient Peruvian Textiles�

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