Quilt Networking

Quilt NetworkingAaartquilt: A mailing list on which African American art quilters share information on techniques, marketing, exhibition opportunities and other topics of interest.

AfricanAmericanQuilters: This is a place where African American quilters, quilt enthusiasts, and fiber artists can share ideas, advice, photos, and information

Eagle Quilter Swap Group: This group swaps 9-inch square (called Eagles) African patterned 100% cotton fabrics. Anyone who enjoys creating quilt blocks and tops from these fabrics are invited to join.

NAAAQ (National Association of African American Quilters). This is the online Bulletin Board for networking. The group is interested in supporting all aspects of quiltmaking by African American Quilters. The website is under construction. Plan to host an annual conference starting in 2003 or 2004.

QuiltinSistahs: A place where African American quilters can share the gift of quilting and share ideas and talents. Has a chat room.

Quilt Guilds – African-American:


AAQ: Traditional quilters, artists and all skill levels are welcome. Membership is restricted and an invitation to join must be issued.


CoCo Quilters [Phoenix]

Meet: Third (3rd) Saturday of each month location changes monthly
Contact: Marguerite McCray
Telephone: (623) 463-1936
E-mail: cactusqltr@cox.net

Onyx Quilting Club – [Pima County, AZ] No other information available



Afro-American Quilters of Los Angeles – [Los Angeles, CA]

Meet: Third (3rd) Saturday of each month @ 1:00 pm
Contact: Sankofa2@msn.com
Telephone: (323) 754-3749

San Diego People of Color Quilt GuildSee Website for Information



African-American Quilters and Collectors [ Denver, CO ]

No other information available


Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji – [Denver, CO]


Quilt Raffle – December 2002 


Meet: First (1st) Saturday each month (2nd Saturday if holiday weekend) 10:00 am
Location: Park Hill Library 4805 Montview Blvd Denver, CO
Contact: P. O. Box 200535 Denver, CO 80220-0535
E-mail: Helen.Thobhani@dot.state.co.us

The Rocky Mountain Wa Shonaji Quilt Guild was formed in February of 1994 by a group of five African-American women interested in perpetuating the heritage of quilting and promoting fellowship among those in quilting. This viable professional organization, representing the interests in quiltmaking and other fiber arts from an African-American perspective stresses education- “Each One, Teach One”. Wa Shonaji seeks to promote the work and accomplishments of our members and to preserve the tradition, culture, and history of quilting. Wa Shonaji members enjoy, rather than judge each other’s work.

The name Wa Shonaji comes from the Swahili language and is interpreted literally as- “People who sew”. The guild name reflects both our south-western region of the the United States and our cultural heritage.

The members of RMWS, though predominantely of African-American ancestry, celebrate ethnic diversity in membership as well as in the mahy differing patterns displayed in our quilts.



Daughters of Dorcas and Sons- [Washington, DC]

Meet: Every Tuesday morning
Location: Calvary Episcopal Church 820 6th Street, NE DC
Contact: Viola Canady
Telephone: (202) 544-3245

Daughters of Dorcas and Sons was established in 1979 by Viola Canady, who remains its President. The group, located in Washington, D.C., has over 200 members. It is a member of the National Quilting Association.




Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Society – [Atlanta] – See Website for more info


E-mail: brownsugarstitchers@yahoo.com
Telephone: (770) 339-6314


Reynoldstown Quilters – [Atlanta] No contact info available



Needles & Threads Quilters Guild – [ Chicago ] – See website for info




Gary Community Quilters Guild – [ East Chicago, IN ] – No info available

Lost Creek Quilters – [Lost Creek, IN ] – No other information available


Sisters of the Cloth[Fort Wayne, IN] – See website for more information




Cane River Creole Quilters – [Natchitoches, LA] – No other info available

Red Stitch Quilters – [East Baton Rouge, LA] – No other info available




AA Quilters of Baltimore – [Baltimore, MD]


Meet: First (1st) Saturday of each month
Location: Waverly Branch Library 33rd Street at Barclay
Dues: $25 / year
Contact: P. O. Box 20617 Baltimore, MD 21223
Telephone: (410) 945-6863
E-mail: barante@erols.com


UHURU Quilters Guild – [Clinton, MD]


Meet: Third (3rd) Saturday of each month 11:00 am 1:00 pm
Dues: $24 / year Current Membership: 30
Location: College Park Community Center 5051 Pierce Ave College Park, MD
Contact: Carol Williams P. O. Box 936 Clinton, MD 20735-0936
Telephone: (301) 203-1903;
FAX: FAX #: (301) 203-1759
E-mail: CWilli3833@aol.com


Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth [Randolph, MA]


Meet: Third 3rd Saturday of each month from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Location: First Congregational Church Memorial Drive Randolph, MA
Contact: Jeannette E. Spencer, President
E-Mail: Jspenc275@aol.com
Telephone: (508) 580-5252
Contact: Naomi Henry, Vice President
E-Mail: Nhenry8787@aol.com
Telephone: (617) 524-6894

Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth is the only incorporated group of Women of Color in Massachusetts which has been established to promote quilting as an ethnic tradition.




Flint Afro-American Quilter’s Guild – [Flint, MI]

Meet: Weekly
Location: Oak Park Methodist Church Flint, MI

The Flint Afro-American Quilters Guild was organized in 1989 by Jeffalone Rumph and Derenda Collins as a response to the need for educating the public about the rich heritage of black quilting in American history.

The group has organized workshops for children and adults throughout the community, participated in the traveling quilt exhibit organized by Michigan State University’s Traditional Arts Program, and continues to serve as a suport network for other Black arts through its coopertion with other cultural organizations in the Flint area.

The group’s yearly local quilt show is the highlight of the previous year’s quilting season.

Wednesday Night Quilters – [Detroit, MI] – No other information available


Quilting Sisters Ministry of Hartford Memorial Baptist Church [Detroit]

Meet: Every Wednesday evening 5:00 7:00 pm
Location: Hartford Memorial Baptist Church – 18700 James Couzens – Detroit
Church #: (313) 861-1300
Contact: Deacon Pearl Cook
Telephone: (313) 273-6065
Contact: Elaine Yancy-Hollis
Telephone: (313) 372-2442




Ebony Rainbow Quilt Guild of South Jersey

Meet: Second (2nd) Saturday of each month 10:00 am 4:00 pm 

Guests are welcomed at 1:00 pm no fee for guest visit

Location: Gloucester Counter Library 

Rte. 45 and Wolfert Station Road – Mullica Hill, NJ

Contact: Barbara Imes Jordan (President) 

550 Proposed Ave

Franklinville, NJ 08322-3034

Telephone: (856) 629-4121 (after 10:00 am)
E-mail: wheelchairquilt@snip.net


Nubian Heritage Quilters Guild - [Newark, NJ]

(NOTE: this is not an official website for the guild, but gives some info about it)

Contact: P. O. Box 25005 

Newark, NJ 07101


Rockdale Quilters No information available




Ebony Threads – [New York, NY] – No other information available


Quilters of Color Network of New York, Inc. – [New York, NY]


Meet: Fourth (4th) 4th Saturday each month; 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM 

(September June; there are no meeting in July and August)

Dues: $25 / year Visitor�s Fee: $3 (limited to 2 visits)
Location: In Manhattan at Renwick Gardens – 332 East 29th St 

(between First and Second Avenues)

Mailing Address: 300 W. 110th Street Apt. 9-F New York, NY 10026-4050
Telephone: (718) 774-9858
E-mail: quiltersofcolor@hotmail.com

QCNNY was founded to foster and preserve the art of quilting among people of color. Our objective is to offer quilting techniques to enhance the skills of all Quilters regardless of race or gender. We offer original designed quilts to Museums and Galleries for exhibition. We host quilting workshops and demonstrations for adults, children and teachers. It is our goals to stimulate interest in the art of quilting and, hopefully, guide and foster the next generation of Quilters. The aim of our guild is to present a variety of works that reflect the diversity of the cultural backgrounds of our multi-ethnic membership which include male members.

Paying attention to the traditional art form of quilting, we allow the spiritual, social and environmental issues of today to inspire us in our creations. Through our guild’s objectives and ongoing documentation, we seek to preserve the history and work of our contemporary quilt makers.

As a Non-Profit organization, our members donate quilts and surgical dolls to the pediatric and geriatric wards, as well as quilts and cloth dolls to organizations for the needy.



[ website is under construction ]



African American Quilt Circle – [Durham]

Meet: First (1st) Saturday of each month
Location: Havti Heritage Center 

804 Fayetteville Street

Durham, NC

Contact: Marguerite McCray
Telephone: (623) 463-1936
E-mail: sun019@aol.com


Grace Presbyterian Church – [Winston-Salem]

Meet: First (1st) Tuesday of each month
Contact: Marguerite McCray
Location: Grace Presbyterian Church Carver Road Winston-Salem, NC
Contact: For more information, contact the church


Heritage Quilters – [Warrenton]

E-mail: customerservice@heritagequilters.net




African Parish House Quilters � [Columbus, OH]

Meet: Third (3rd) Saturday of each month; 1:00 4:00 pm
Dues: $15.00 annually
Location: African Parish House 189 N.20th Street Columbus, OH
Telephone: (614) 258-4496
E-mail: hebron1@prodigy.net

Sacred Sisters & Brothers Mentoring Group - [ Columbus, OH ]

No other information is available




African-American Heritage Quilters – [Pittsburgh, PA]


Meet: Second (2nd) Sunday each month; 4:00 pm 6:00 pm (Do not meet July & August)
Dues: $12 / year
Location: Lemington Home Lincoln Avenue Pittsburgh, PA
Contact: Gerry
Telephone: (412) 371-0694
E-mail: AAHQG@aol.com


Quilter’s of the Roundtable – [Philadelphia, PA]

Meet: Third (3rd) Sunday of each month; 2:00 pm
Dues: $15 / year
Location: Kennedy House 30th Floor 19th & JFK Blvd
Motto is “each one, teach one”. Goal is to promote African American quilting. All are welcome. Group exhibits locally, make charity quilts, teach community groups, etc. Each meeting includes swaps, reviews, lectures, and programs of techniques and strategies taughts by members and guests. Light refreshments and show and tell.




Blue Triangle Guild – [Houston]


Meet: Fourth (4th) Saturday of each month; 9:30 am � 12:00 pm (noon)
Location: Blue Triangle Multipurpose Building (Tutorial Room B) 

4901 Lyons Avenue Houston, TX

Contact: Jerona I. Williams
Telephone: (713) 896-9010
E-mail: jiwilliams@teacher.esc4.com

The Blue Triangle Quilt Guild was the vision of its founder Jerona Irethia Williams. For years she wanted to start an African American Quilt Guild in Houston. She shared her vision with her friend Charlotte Bryant who sits on the board of the historical Blue Triangle Multipurpose Center. She told her that the center hosted their first African American quilting group in 1962. It also was the premiere social hall for African Americans during that era. Mrs. Bryant suggested that his would be a prime location for the guild.

The guild met for the first time on January 9, 1999. Since that time, they have also participated in the Sixth Annual Citywide African-American Artist Exhibit at Houston Public Library.


The guild offers its members, fellowship, spirituality, support, leadership, community service and creative expression. They have community service programs that involves helping the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Girl�s Rites of Passage Program, �Transformation�, with their annual quilt project. New members are always welcome!


Quilting Sisters of Color – [Dallas/Fort Worth]


Open to quilters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
Contact: Diana Petterson P.O. Box 382515 Duncanville, TX 75138
Telephone: (817) 467-4232
E-mail: patchworkdiva@cowtown.net




54-40 African American Quilting GuildSee Website for information



Friends Who Sit and Quilt Hampton, Virginia

Meet: Second (2nd) Saturday of each month; 12:00 pm 4:00 pm
Location: Northampton Community Center 

1435 A Todds Lane

Hampton, VA 23666 Telephone: (???) 825-4805

Dues: $25.00, due upon joining and renewed each year in September
Contact: Sandra J. Williams, Chairman 

4029 Sun Valley Crescent

Chesapeake, VA 23321-3119

Telephone: (757) 488-6594
E-mail: goldndle@my-freenet.com or goldndle@hotmail.com

Friends Who Sit and Quilt: is a group of African-American quilting friends who have come together in their joy of quilting. The group, founded in February 1999, is a diverse collection of women whose backgrounds range from master quilters to novices. Individual members have taught quilting internationally as well as locally to church and school groups. Some members have quilt legacies that go back four and five generations.


Out purpose is to share our love and excitement for quilting and to promote and educate about quilting as an American art form. We delight in fabric and stitch and nurture the talents and creativity each member possesses. Our friendships form the patchwork of our group.


Pacific Northwest African-American Quilters – [Seattle]

See Website for information

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