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Quilt Ethnic is committed to providing a pleasing user experience. In order to give our visitors what they want we take information provided from our server's log files to help understand better what you as a user are looking for.

We collect information such as your IP address, which lets us know from where in the globe you are accessing our site and what brought you to our website (i.e. search engine).

We do not, and will not ever, attempt to collect any personally identifyable information from you. Any information you submit to us when contacting us is strictly held confidential and will never be used in any other purpose other than intended, nor will any information (such as email address) be sold or given to any third parties.

Some of the costs of maintaining our website are paid through third party advertisers used on our site. In some cases these advertisers use cookies from your browser to better serve you advertisements. Information, such as your IP, is used for geo-targeting, which is why you will sometimes notice local ads appearing.

Just like us, Quilt Ethnic, our advertisers will never attempt to collect or use any personally indentifyable information from you. If you still would like to opt out, you may go into your browser settings and block the usage of cookies therein.

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