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Free Quilt Patterns

Free Quilt PatternQuilt making as a form of art and craft developed in the 19th century in America. It was during this time that quilt patterns were extensively designed by the quilters. The first quilt patterns were exchanged among family and friends for free. There were County Fairs, wherein quilt makers received prizes for their precious designs and quilts. This also made it easy for the quilters to share and compare the various quilt patterns. Quilting Bees and Quilting Guilds were developed, giving importance to the social makeup of quilters, and making way for the easy creation and trading of quilt patterns. It was during this time that new patterns of quilts were launched. In fact, many of the present quilt patterns are as a result of the patterns during that time.

Formerly, free quilt patterns was obtained by trading with family and friends. After the advent of the printing press, and publications on quilting, it became easy to reach thousands of quilters. The journals mainly had information on various quilting ideas and techniques with pictures of various quilts. It was thereafter easy to share free quilt patterns and reach a larger market.

Now, the easiest way of finding free quilt patterns is by referring to the numerous websites over the Internet. There are thousands of patterns easily available online, making it easy to look for the right kind of quilt pattern that would suit your project.

There are Free Quilt Patterns sites, which have links various websites that offer free quilt patterns. These sites basically are a good source of information for quilters who are looking for a specific pattern or new ideas of making a quilt.

T here are numerous sites that have various techniques and styles. Free quilt patterns are a remarkable way of widening ones range of quilt styles and patterns, know more about the various new techniques, and save money for spending on supplies and fabric instead.



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