Quilt Hangers

Quilt HangersThe Advantages of Using Quilt Hangers

Quilt hangers as the name suggests, are used for hanging quilts. Hanging a quilt is in no way an easy job. However, if you can hang the stuff, it would look great on your room’s wall. For this the only thing you need to have is a suitable quilt hanger.

A quilt hanger is available in different shapes and forms. However, the sort of quilt hanger you will go for depends on what you are exactly looking for. Now, how to use the hanger, you have to squeeze the fabric in between the wood and then make the screws tighter in order to ensure that the quilt does not slip in any way. There are clasps, which you can arrange over the top of the quilt on one extended beam, which would cover the entire top portion of the quilt.

The presence of a single long beam of wood is only feasible if you are sure that the hanger is not going to slip from the border. However, in any case, you should keep the quilt hangers unnoticed then make more use of little claps rather than using one large beam.

Quilt hangers are available in three specific wood varieties of oak, pine and cherry. In case you want your quilt hanger to be made of a different wood type then you can order for hanger according to your preference. It is only that the hanger has to suit the decor of your house.

One thing you must make sure that the quilt hangers should not be more attractive than the quilt itself. They should in no way divert your attention from the focal point.

Quilt hangers may also help you in another way. When you are not working with the quilt, you can hang it aside, in order to save it from unnecessary stepping and spoiling. However, there are some hangers, which make use of a special type of foam padding fitted well in between the wood pieces. This helps in cushioning the thicker areas of the quilt so that the applied pressure gets distributed.

Do you possess an old and precious quilt? If you really do then the hanger would be the best place to store it. In fact, a hanger is a safe quilt storing option.

Quilt hangers are available in several varieties. These include magnetic hangers, Velcro backed hangers, modular hangers, hidden hangers and hangers of several contemporary varieties. However, whichever quilt hangers you select it must be according to your choice and requirement.


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